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Alchemy Bicycle Company

Alchemy Aero Road Frameset. The Alchemy Aero Road frameset is designed to address the growing consumer demand for aerodynamic road frames and correct the steadily growing weight penalty that comes with said frames. Our tube set consists of NACA inspired airfoil designs, laid up on our molds by Enve composites. By starting with a very high grade carbon tube from Enve, we continue the refined construction process by laying up the tube to joints with minimal material in optimal positions. In basing the lay up around the needs of the specific rider and the specific geometry of the bike, we are able to create joints as strong as any metal bond without the weight penalty that comes with over building found on less careful construction processes. We create further weight savings with the refined design of an externally butted head tube and an astonishingly light PF30 bottom bracket shell.

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