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Project: RIGHT. Fairwheel bikes came to me with a challenge – could I build a single sided road bike for their customer? After some thought and some modelling in CAD, I began construction, which started with machining a custom rear hub. This is a one-piece shell and axle that has the bearings press fitted into the frame, and a threaded adapter for the freewheel splined to attach on the outside of the single right chainstay. A single seatstay and an additional brace/brake mount completes the rear end, with an eccentric BB allowing for tensioning the drive belt. Having the chainstay between the hub and the belt not only minimises the twisting forces on the frame, but allows for very easy belt installation. The frame has an integrated seatmast with a custom seatmast cap, and aero tubing in the front triangle, all steel and fillet brazed. To continue the RIGHT theme, the ‘fork’ is a single strut on the right, using a custom machined axle to accept a stock Lefty hub. In order to fit the disc brake, the caliper had to be modified to allow it to mount upside down on the back of the leg, with an internal cable stop for activation. For a clean look and to allow the front brake cable to run internally all the way from the caliper to the stem clamp, the aheadset has an ‘upside down’ setup. A special bike deserves a special finish, and so artist Geoff McFetridge was recruited to create a one-off design to make this a rolling piece of art.

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