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The Trail Poacher. More than a cross bike. An all rounder rough stuff bike. Reynolds 853 steel, made for everyday riding. Fender eyelets & internal wiring with the Schmidt disk generator hub. Tire clearance for 45mm knobbys or fenders & a 40mm tire. Cable activated hydraulic disk brakes on a drop bar. A single speed White Industries double double running gear. A road gear & a trail gear. Paragon Machine Works pivoting disk dropouts makes 30 second gear change possibleā€¦and easy. Frame is cabled to allow for Rohloff internal hub option. This bike was inspired by the infamous D2R2 in Western Massachusetts & Southern Vermont that takes place on all the cool dirt roads they can find. Includes about 14,000 feet of climbing, which of course means just as many descending! Endurance gravel road riding is fast becoming a popular Large time on a bike. You can race cross on this bike but will rock your world if an hour race just isn’t long enough. As a road bike you can take that trail & POACH IT!

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