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Boo CX – bamboo tubes and carbon fiber joints This Boo CX has proven itself on the UCI circuit and is one of the only handmade custom bikes to take multiple top-10 placings at that level. While its parts are geared for all-out performance and reliability, the Boo CX’s frame is designed to provide a forgiving and supple ride that allows the racer to focus on his effort and his opponents. The Boo CX has been refined over the last three seasons with input from Boo-sponsored professional Tyler Wren. While the frame looks similar to those raced in past years, the carbon layup schedule has been refined to improve front-end steering precision and resistance to out-of-the-saddle sprinting efforts. The large-diameter 1.5″ carbon head tube uses no metal sleeve, rather the bearings press directly into the carbon to minimize weight and redundant material. The tapered Enve Cross fork enhances steerering precision and braking performance. The Press Fit 30 bottom bracket provides a cleaner, integrated aesthetic while enabling the use of lighter BB30 cranks which feature greater heal clearance for muddy events. Every aspect of the Boo CX has been put through its paces on some of the most demanding UCI courses in the country. The extremely resilient bamboo tubes stand up to the test of time. The provide just enough ‘give’ to soak up mid-corner roughness in the trail and allow the racer to throw the bike into the turns without excessive reliance on dangerously-low tire pressures. The carbon fiber joints enhance the stiffness of the bamboo tubing, with each material lending its best attributes to the overall system. The carbon lay-up is optimized for each joint of the frame based on the loads encountered. The result is a bicycle that top racers and connoisseurs appreciate as one of the best combinations of smooth, supple ride and ultimate performance on demand.

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