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Metrofiets entry is a design that grew out of what we learned at the 2011 Oregon Manifest Constructors design challenge. Our intent on building a cargo bike out of steel is to demonstrate how stiff and light a cargo bike frame can be without sacrificing durability and frame longevity. To achieve this we used straight gauge 4130 chromoly with varying wall thicknesses. Combined with a modified perimeter frame design and a low top tube, we were able to produce a light and stiff cargo bike that is sporty and fun to ride. The bike is belt drive compatible and can accommodate a wide range of road and mountain bike components, fenders, racks and electric assist options, without additional modification. We designed the frame for use on hilly or flat terrain while carrying 200 lbs of cargo. To finish off the bike we used a durable powder coat and a HALO reflective top coat; a smooth, durable finish that reflects light; increasing visibility in low light situations. The result of our efforts, Metrofiets 2012: lighter, stiffer, brighter.

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