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MOOTS MX DIVIDE Our goal with the MX Divide was to design and build, from the ground up, a leading-edge titanium cross-country race bike. For starters, we incorporated many of the key features from our RSL bikes to create a beautifully handling, light yet stiff ride, with a well-balanced, proven suspension design. We relied on a US made; oversized CWSR (cold worked stress relieved) 3/2.5 titanium seamless tube set that would allow us to tune the ride for each size. We took in account the clearance for fork crown, stand over and addressed these points with beautifully curved tubes that not only add to the aesthetics of the frame, but provide loads of functionality as well. The oversized 44mm head tube in conjunction with a PF 30 bottom bracket and our in-house machined suspension components tie the entire platform together for an outstanding ride quality in all cross country conditions. Our “Fusion Link” suspension system provides an incredibly efficient and plush 4’’ platform for 29’’ wheels. The MX Divide is finished in our satin bead blast, hand painted cast head badge and color matching decals – classic Moots.

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