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Extensa 29er – Above Category Cycles, California — Concept — A mountain bike built to suit a roadie! This means a more road style position for the rider and a bike designed to power along open trails and fast single track. The larger wheel size will allow the rider, with a lower skill level relative to his fitness, to be competent over technical sections of a trail. — Material — Titanium 3Al/2.5V CWSR Seamless Grade 9. Each tube individually butted to suit the rider (done in house). Titanium 6Al/3V small parts (dropouts, cable stops, bottom bracket, disc brake mount). Stainless Steel GT style head badge. PPG Automotive paint — Design — Tubing diameters and butting customised to suit the rider. The butting also means high junction strength which obviates the need for gussets, giving a cleaner look. Carbon sleeve in the seat tube to fit a 31.6mm seat post, a readily available size. Chainstays are designed and manufactured in house to allow clearance for a 160mm brake rotor, narrow Q factor cranks, 40/28 chainrings and a 2.3″ mud tyre Mono stay gives excellent mud clearance and a compliant ride. 44mm ID head tube allows a wide range of fork options. Cable routing design for minimal exposure to dirt and mud. Allows for shouldering of the bike. Custom dropouts with windows reduce weight and allow a small amount of bending to allow alignment post welding. The hanger is stiff enough to stay firm with a slight knock but if hit hard will give and can be bent back. 73mm English bottom bracket to take advantage of the reliability of a Chris King bottom bracket. — Construction Process — Each bike is made from start to finish in one hit with several people being involved in the manufacturing process. We do not pre-butt and pre- mitre tubes because each bike is highly customised. Our team takes a lot of pride in building desirable, high quality bicycles in an efficient manner. We have created a production system that allows for customisation, efficiency and high quality. Customisation means each bike has custom geometry, tubes, finish and parts. The tubes are selected from a range of diameters (44.5mm, 38mm, 35mm for the down tube for example) which can be butted to a range of wall thicknesses down to 0.6mm. There is a wide range of paint schemes from which to choose and there are 33 standard colours and tens of thousands of custom colours. Our production systems must be flexible enough to allow for this customisation and to incorporate all our models and design changes that happen over time. They must also allow us to be as efficient as possible. We achieve the efficiency and flexibility by designing jigs and machining stations that are used for one process only (e.g. drilling bidon holes) and have a wide range of adjustment. High quality is a combination of getting the same output every time and being able to control what that output is. For example, if an angle is to be 30.7 degrees, I want the output to always be 30.7 degrees and I want to be able to control whether it is 30.7 degrees or 30.8 degrees. Our custom built machining stations and jigs ensure the that desired high quality can be achieved with ease. — Finish — All finishing is done in house. Predominantly bead blasted titanium which offers a resilient finish to withstand the rigours of mountain biking Painted sections are done with all paint, no decals. This requires a complex process of masking, spraying colour and spraying clear coat. PPG automotive paints are used for their range of available colours and the durability of the paint. Custom painted stem and seat post (to keep the inner roadie happy!) — Delivery Process — Delivered as a complete bike — Special Notes — Another bike for another great supporter of ours. The customer is predominantly a road rider so we have made an aggressive position on the bike to replicate his road position and we opted for 29er tyres to make it capable over technical terrain.

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