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On this bicycle I originally set out to do a very standard steel tandem but the customer had other ideas. They liked some of my classic designs with curves in the top tube and such. I still wanted to use at least some lugs with filet brazing to finish out the construction. This bike was designed to do some dirt roads along with light touring, and their weight was rather light, so I could keep the weight of the bike down. After several drawings and curving more than one tube, I think the end result came out very nice and the customer was elated. Their post modern neo-retro tandem is outfitted with the latest components, so it not only looks cool, but rides like a dream. The customer picked the colors but left the design ideas to Mark from Spectrum Powder Works with my approval, and what he came up with was as always spectacular. I hope everyone enjoys seeing this bike and appreciates that it performs it’s function while still being artful.

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