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Name of Model; Calfee 29er Tetra Tandem with Di2 Internal Integration Concept and Design Considerations; The ideal off-road tandem frame for a given team would fit the rider’s build and would be very light. It would absorb shock well, but it would handle crisply because of lateral stiffness and would deliver undiminished applied pedal power to the drive train. It would be durable and not subject to fatigue failures and would be strong enough to stand up to unexpected impacts and torsion forces. It would lend itself to attractive finishing and would resist corrosion or attack by the elements. Our 29er Tetra tandem frame design leverages the beneficial and intrinsic attributes of the carbon fiber material to realize these qualities. Our Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System allows for internal integration of the electronic shifting equipment. Electronic shifting is particularly advantageous for tandem teams and the internal routing is critical in the varied and challenging off-road environment. Thoughtful modification and further integration of carbon components, including bars and stems, allows for further advances in performance through enhanced durability, lateral rigidity and weight reduction. Our high tech craftsmanship is on display throughout. Material Choice and Construction Notes; The Tetra tandem tube set uses intermediate modulus carbon fiber (42msi) in all the tubes and 50k carbon fiber tow in all lug areas. The mitered tubes are laminated together with the carbon ribbon and then pressure molded. As is the case with all Calfee frames, we use a plant based high performance eco resin to create the required matrix. The carbon fibers are carefully oriented to put strength exactly where it’s needed while minimizing weight. Gussets are integrally formed with the fabrication of the joints, eliminating the inherent weakness of the tube and lug joint found in many other manufacturers designs. They are then meticulously carved to the optimum shape, taking into consideration the weight and intended use by the rider. They happen to look good because of their form-follows-function aesthetic. The Calfee 29er Tetra Tandem is a “big and beautiful” example of advanced composites engineering. The Tetra tandem is a 6.5 pound frame whose striking finish springs from its highly-optimized function; light, strong, stiff and absorbent. Coupled with our electronics and numerous modifications to the carbon components to further enhance their performance, our 29er carbon tandem frame is outfitted to demonstrate what is possible and exceed expectations.

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