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Model: Holland Exogrid with Carbon stay and internal Di2. Concept: To build a stiff, yet compliant, durable, responsibly light race oriented machine. Incorporating internal Di2 and Holland seat post battery with external charging port. Material: Holland Exogrid – Titanium/Carbon tubes made of U.S. milled titanium and hand laid carbon. Design: Utilizing our Holland fit system, to create a frame for an ex-pro sprinter who wanted the stiffness he is accustomed to, but eliminating the harsh ride that most of his previous race bikes offered. It has 1″ chain stays and a large diameter down tube to provide the stiffness in the BB area that the rider requires. The benefit of the Exogrid tubing and the addition of the carbon rear stay aids the comfort for the long days in the saddle. Stiff out of the saddle, compliant in the saddle. Construction: By using Exogrid tubing, an in depth process of fusing Titanium and Carbon materials, we are able to create a bike that has all the durability and lively road feel of Titanium, but with the enhanced torsional stiffness and ride damping provided by the carbon lay up. The ExoGrid structure has unique vibration damping qualities due to the dissimilar natural frequencies of the carbon and titanium. When these elements are molded together, some of these frequencies cancel each other out, a phenomenon called constrained layer damping. When ExoGrid is used in substantial bike frame elements such as the top tube, seat tube and down tube, the built frame delivers improved road feel and exceptional ride quality that are unobtainable from a titanium or carbon fiber frame on their own. Each tube is cut and machined to exacting specifications by hand, then placed in the jig for final welding. Finish: On completion, we bead blast and hand brush the finished frame. Delivery: In the final stages of our process, having finished the frame and created a custom component build kit, including our own hand built wheels, we professionally assemble the bike, paying particular attention to apply anti-seize to all threads both on the bike and on the components, using carbon prep and correctly torque every nut and bolt on the bike. We then do a re fit with our client, and make any subtle position changes, such as the tilt of the saddle or the personal position of the brake hoods, for the exact and optimum ride! Special notes: The ultimate combination of durability, torsional stiffness and vertical compliance can be attained in a Holland Exogrid. Our attention to every detail of the build process, from the original interview and custom fitting service, to the hand finished frame, Holland Cycles use all our resources to build one of the finest bicycles available. The 40 + years of building and riding experience from our small crew give an unparalleled insight into not only build quality, but also fit and ride quality.

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