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Alchemy Bicycle Company

Alchemy Aero Road Bike This bike was made to be displayed at the Enve booth for the 2011 Eurobike. We took it upon ourselves to make something which is visually striking without performance compromise. The frame is a carefully laid up tube to tube construction with NACA inspired airfoil tubing designs made on Alchemy’s molds at Enve composites. This frame is unique because it follows the modern trend of aerodynamic frame design without the weight penalty that has been inherent in competing designs. Pre-paint it was sub 900 grams (54cm). Details like a PF30 bottom bracket shell and externally tapered head tube help keep this frame light and aero while preserving performance stiffness. We put a matte black clear coat down to allow the rider to admire construction and used a ‘blackout’ paint scheme on the logos of the stem, bars and frame to maximize the frame’s visual effect. Add the ultra light SRAM Red group, Enve’s Smart wheel system and you’ve got a trusty blade that will eviscerate any head wind as well as level the steepest incline.

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