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This is the 29er single-speed. The design goals were: light, clean, low maintenance and perfect fit and handling. Light: Achieved, the complete bike ready to ride weighs 18lbs. Clean: This has two aspects – first the belt drive makes for a very clean and quiet drivetrain. Second the integrated (but still adjustable) seatmast, ‘upside down’ aheadset system, internal hydraulic hoses and one-piece bar/stem makes for a visually clean appearance. Low maintenance: With a combination of hydraulic brakes and a belt drive, there is very little to need any attention on the bike. Fit and handling: Being custom built the bike perfectly fits the rider, with a curved seattube allowing for short chainstays (for good handling on tight singletrack and steep climbs) even with the 29″ wheels. The headangle, fork rake and stem length are balanced to give fairly fast, but stable handling. With the sloped toptube, the cantilevered seatmast provides a degree of comfort, in addition to large volume tires at low pressure. The stepped tubing at the fork, stem, seatstays and chainstays provide strength and stiffness where needed, and provide a nice symmetry to the complete bike.

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